Survivor Benefit Plan FAQs

Survivor Benefit Plan FAQs

Do you know what the SBP decision is? If not, you’re not alone. A lot of service members and spouses don’t know it’s a decision they will be faced with come retirement time. And many don’t know the factors they should consider in the decision. In this episode, I talk with a Survivor Benefit Plan expert, Kate Horrell about the Survivor Benefit Plan FAQs you should know the answers to before you decide on whether or not to elect the SBP for service members’ pension. Kate Horrell is a military spouse, Accredited Financial Counselor, and personal financial educator who helps the military community make the most of their pay and benefits. With over 10 years working with thousands of military families, she understands the concerns of currently serving, retired, and veteran families.​​ Kate breaks down what the SBP is, when you should start preparing to make a decision, and the factors you should consider. The SBP decision is something my husband and I faced when he retired and there are many things in this show that we did not even take into consideration like being fully paid up at some point. So lots of great info in this episode for you.

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Survivor Benefit Plan FAQs Episode Details

  • What the SBP is
  • How to opt-in or out of the plan
  • The cost of the SBP
  • Factors to consider when making a decision on SBP
  • How SBP compares with other retirement plans options
  • Survivor Benefit Plan alternatives
  • Planning ahead for the decision
  • SBP and divorce
  • Calculating if SBP is right for you
  • Where to learn about SBP
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Survivor Benefit Plan FAQ Resources

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