Encore – The Changing Landscape of USAA Investments

Encore – The Changing Landscape of USAA Investments

It’s hard to believe but it’s been a year since USAA transferred their brokerage accounts to Charles Schwab. In honor of the anniversary, I’m doing an encore presentation of my interview with Mary Stork on the changing landscape of USAA investments.

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Support for this show comes from Charles Schwab. Schwab can help you achieve better financial outcomes—saving for your future? Putting your kids through college? Being prepared for your retirement years? Schwab has the resources and solutions that can help you. You can learn more at Schwab.com. Support for this episode also comes from USAA. Since 1922, USAA has provided award-winning insurance, banking and investment, and retirement solutions support to Military Members and their families. They offer a complete suite of exclusive products, services, tools, and advice to their members. Learn more and join today at USAA.com.

The Landscape of USAA Investments Episode Details

  • What Mary’s role is at USAA
  • How USAA initially offered investments solutions
  • What USAA investment landscape looked like before
  • Why USAA sold their investment to other companies
  • What’s different for members now
  • What new USAA members can expect with investing
  • New benefits coming for USAA members at Schwab
  • USAA’s hub for investment information
  • Moving forward, what members will get
  • How USAA continues to support members
More on investing: Getting Settled After the PCS to Charles Schwab

The Landscape of USAA Investments Resources

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