My Grandma’s Story

My Grandma’s Story

We all have a history and they are many people in our lives that play a part in it. My family plays a big part in mine. That’s why I’m excited to share my guest with you today. It’s my Grandmother. I sat down with my Grandma to talk about some of her family history. We chat about what it was like to grow up in the depression in a small town, her first job, bank accounts, and the day she found out about Pearl Harbor. We also discuss her meeting my Grandfather who was a ball turret gunner during World War II.

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How To Create Work You Love Episode Details

  • How I had my Grandma’s birthplace wrong
  • What my Grandma remembers most about my Great Grandparents
  • Money principles growing up in the 30s
  • How parents taught money lessons
  • Her first job and working in the 40s
  • First bank account and what she did with her money before then
  • How my Grandparents met
  • How my Grandparents managed money
  • What they did when money got tight
  • What she wishes she knew about money back then that she knows now
  • Where my Grandma was when she found out about Pearl Harbor and what she did
  • What her local community did for those joining the military
  • What my Grandma thinks is the key to a good life
  • The best advice she’s ever received
  • My Grandma’s favorite memory of me
  • What she wants me and my siblings to remember most
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