From Financial Survival to Independence on Active Duty

From Financial Survival to Independence on Active Duty

The way your story begins doesn’t mean that’s your whole story. Personal finance is a journey we all start in different places. The actions you take along the way are you writing the story. My guest, Maricela Soberanes’ story started as financial survival in Mexico. She is one of nine siblings raised by a single mom in Mexico City. Her mother and older siblings struggled to provide the essentials in life. To improve her situation, Maricela moved to a different city without her family so she could attend a high school which is not free in Mexico. From there she continued to change her story by coming to the U.S. unable to speak English with only $100 to her name. She went on to learn English, became a nurse anesthetist, served in the Navy, and worked toward financial independence through saving and investing in real estate. We talk more about Maricela’s story and how she went from financial survival to independence while in the military.

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Financial Survival to Independence Episode Details

  • What growing up in Mexico City is like
  • Childhood financial struggles
  • Experiences that can change your trajectory in life
  • The sacrifices Maricela made to attend high school
  • Coming to the U.S. and learning English
  • What made Maricela pursue a career in medicine
  • How the Navy help build financial independence
  • The first time buying a duplex
  • The benefits Maricela got from real estate investing
  • Steps you can take to work towards financial independence
  • Maricela’s proudest moment building financial independence
  • Her advice for anyone in financial survival mode
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