How to Manage Money With Spreadsheets

How to Manage Money With Spreadsheets

Do you have every financial move you make memorized—me either? That would be hard. I need a system to keep all of our financial ducks in a row. We need to know what is coming in every month and what is going out. Not to mention if I heel over tomorrow, I need my hubby to pick up where I left off. Spreadsheets are one of the ways you can do that. But if you’re like me, sometimes complicated spreadsheets can be intimidating. I like things simple and easy to follow. My guest, Peter Polson, is here to talk me down from some of my spreadsheet nerves. Peter is the founder of Tiller Money. They provide customizable tools that empower people with greater understanding, confidence, and control of their financial lives. He has been thinking about better ways to help people with their personal finances for most of his life. Peter partially paid for college by teaching personal finance software classes for adults and later by working as an intern program manager at Microsoft on the Money software team. Peter and I talk about the benefits of using personal finance spreadsheets to help manage your money, how you can keep things simple, and the benefits that can come from using spreadsheets.

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Manage Money With Spreadsheets Episode Details

  • What Tiller Money is
  • Why people should use personal finance spreadsheets
  • What to do if your spreadsheets overwhelmed you
  • How to make spreadsheets your own
  • How to get started using templates or others as inspiration
  • The benefits of spreadsheets compared to apps
  • What separates spreadsheets from other budgeting tools
  • The pros and cons on how to manage money with spreadsheets
  • The benefits of couples using spreadsheets
  • Common mistakes you can avoid
  • How to develop healthy spreadsheet habits
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Spreadsheets can be a powerful tool in personal finance. Here's how you can manage money with spreadsheets.