How to Make Your Finances Fun With Gamification

How to Make Your Finances Fun With Gamification

You need good money management & budgeting to build wealth, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Gamification is a unique way to manage money & add some fun. My guest, Brandon Childers, is a fellow veteran and an expert in Gamified Resource Management, and a dedicated advocate to the veteran Community. He served in the Marines as a Huey Crew Chief for five years, including a deployment to Afghanistan. Since separating from service in 2015, he has used the G.I. Bill to earn an M.S. in Applied Psychology at the University of Southern California. Now, he uses his unique perspective from his military experience and education to solve a problem that’s central to veteran depression, homelessness, and suicide—Financial Literacy. During the show, Brandon and I talk about gamification, what it is, how it’s used and how it can help improve personal finance within the military community. I learned a lot about how gamification is being used in social media and the applications it can be used for to help others.

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Finances Fun With Gamification Episode Details

  • What gamification is and how it is a part of our daily lives
  • Two types of games; limited and unlimited
  • Social media and gamification
  • Society’s dependence on social media
  • How gamification can be applied to finances
  • What you need to know about choice overload
  • Opt-in vs opt-out situations
  • Exponential growth bias
  • How we become a confused spender
  • Examples of the different types of gamification
  • The benefit of focusing on the positive
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Finances Fun With Gamification Resources

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