Super Sleuth Tips for Catching and Dealing with Financial Infidelity

Are you a money cheater? Or has someone you know and love ever cheated on your financially? Financial infidelity can absolutely ruin a marriage or relationship and your finances, but what do you do if you suspect it’s happening to you?

In this episode, I talk with forensic accountant Tracy Coenan on the red flags of financial infidelity you should watch for and how to handle them if you find them in a way that protects yourself and your finances.

Tracy is known as a no-nonsense forensic accountant who delivers the “real deal” to her clients. She knows your money is on the line and works quickly to help people figure out where the money went. After years of watching those who couldn’t justify the cost of a forensic accountant lose thousands of dollars in their divorces, created a solution called the Divorce Money Guide. She takes divorcing people step-by-step through gathering and analyzing their financial documents to see what their money has been spent on and whether any money is missing.

Tracy works as a forensic accountant through her firm, Sequence Inc. Forensic Accounting. She has been doing fraud investigations for more than 25 years, and is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified in Financial Forensics, and a Master Analyst in Financial Forensics. She frequently testifies as an expert witness around the country. So Tracy knows a few things about finding money.

Financial Infidelity Episode Details

  • What financial infidelity is and examples of it in relationships
  • Red flags to watch out for that may indicate financial cheating
  • Tips for being proactive to prevent financial infidelity
  • Importance of trusting your gut instinct if you notice any behavior changes
  • Steps to take if you suspect financial cheating
  • Types of documents to keep an eye on
  • Common mistakes people make when discovering financial infidelity
  • Role of a forensic accountant in uncovering financial cheating in divorce cases
  • Advice for overcoming fear of looking at personal finances
  • The “red flag assessment” quiz to get objective feedback on if there are warning signs


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