Financial Readiness for Service Members and Families


Financial readiness is a critical part of force readiness but also to the quality of life of service members and their families. When it comes to taking advantage of the resources provided by the Office of Financial Readiness, there are often some misconceptions.

In this episode, Andrew Cohen gives us an inside look at what FINRED is, how it helps, and how you can use it to set your finances on the right track. We cover the Blended Retirement System, the new Dependant Care FSA, and more.

Andy is the Director of Financial Readiness in the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Force Education and Training. As Director, he leads the Financial Readiness team in the planning, direction, control and coordination of Department of Defense-wide policies and programs to meet the financial literacy and preparedness needs of service members and their families.

He began his career in the Federal Civil Service in July 2016 as a senior program analyst. Prior to that, he served nine years as Deputy Director for Finance and Treasurer for Army Emergency Relief. Before that, Andy served 27 years as an Army Officer in a number of Signal, Military Police and Comptroller assignments.

Financial Readiness for Service Members Episode Details


  • What financial readiness is
  • FINRED’s mission
  • DoD’s financial readiness programming efforts
  • Resources the DoD provides to help service members and their families with money
  • The biggest financial stressors impacting service members
  • What the Dependent Care FSA is
  • How the Blended Retirement System is going
  • The misconception of a service member losing their security clearance because of money problems
  • What the MilSpouse Money Mission is and how it helps


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Financial Readiness for Service Members and Families Resources


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