Leveraging Compounding to Profit from Stocks, Dividends, and Options

You’ve probably heard of the power of compounding before, but do you know its true power and use that power to amplify your wealth?

In this episode, financial advisors Scott Kyle and Patrick Fischer break down compound interest and how to use it to grow your wealth with stocks, dividends and options.


Scott is the CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Coastwise Capital Group, LLC, a boutique money management firm headquartered in La Jolla, CA. He is a co-founder of The Active Network, Inc. where he served as CFO and on the Board of Directors.

Patrick is a Financial Advisor at Coastwise Capital Group, LLC. He began his career with Scott at G2 Capital Management in La Jolla in 2002 as an equity research associate. From 2004 to 2008, Patrick co-managed a systematic global macro hedge fund at Mellon Capital Management in San Francisco.

Leveraging Compounding to Profit Episode Details

  • What compounding interest is and why it’s important
  • The difference between buying a dividend-paying stock and one for capital gains
  • Why dividends matter
  • Things investors should look for when considering which companies to buy
  • What fundamental analysis is and the role it plays in investing
  • The habits you need to be a highly successful investor
  • What options are what type of investor should use them
  • Real investment risk that people miss
  • Hard lessons that many investors learn
  • What you should know about three-day rule


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Leveraging Compounding to Profit Resources


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