Mapping Out a Plan For Your Pension and Benefits

Mapping Out a Plan For Your Pension and Benefits

Separating or retiring from the military is a big deal. Planning and preparation should be given to your pension and benefits before leaving the military. When you do that, you make informed decisions about things that can have lasting financial impacts. Looking at your pension and benefits together can help you make the best decision for you and your unique circumstances. Kit Lancaster is an Army Veteran and Certified Financial Planner. He’s the founder of Sterling Edge Financial, a financial services firm focused on serving emerging professionals and business owners with wealth management and financial planning advice. Kit enjoys actively supporting veterans and the veteran community in Chicagoland. Kit himself is a veteran deploying twice in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom as a Field Artillery Officer with the 214th Fires Brigade. Since leaving the service, Kit donates his time by raising awareness and connecting veterans to Team Red White & Blue, American Corporate Partners, Veterans Leadership Council, and Bunker Labs. Kit shares advice on how to map out your pension and benefits before you leave the military to help you have the quality of life you want after the military.

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Plan For Your Pension and Benefits Details

  • Difference between retiring and separating
  • A breakdown of the value of your pension and benefits
  • The flexibility and value that comes with medical benefits
  • Benefits that give you the opportunity to invest in yourself
  • How to build a cash flow strategy
  • What a fee-based financial planner can do to help
  • Understanding your disability benefits
  • How to focus on creating value for yourself and your family
  • A reminder of the power of flexibility in planning your transition
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Pension and Benefits Resources

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If you want to “kickstart” your finances in the military, you can get access to my free Financial Kickstart Kit here. Separating or retiring from the military is a big deal. Here's how to plan and prepare your pension and benefits before leaving the military.