Beyond the Military: Handbook for Warrior Reintegration

Beyond the military is hard. That’s the cold hard truth. It’s a major transition that many aren’t fully prepared for. If only there was some type of guide or resource that could help the service member and their spouses through the process. There is now! I have two special guests today, Dr. Shauna Springer and Jason Roncoroni here to talk about a new resource to help with reintegration. Jason Roncoroni is a retired Lieutenant Colonel and former aviation battalion commander from the United States Army. He is the founder of Ordinary Hero Coaching, Inc. where he helps prepare transitioning leaders for meaningful opportunities after military service. Dr. Shauna Springer is a licensed psychologist and nationally recognized expert on initiatives that benefit the military community. She has personally helped hundreds of warriors reconnect with their tribe, strengthen their relationships, and build lives driven by their values. Dr. Springer’s work has been featured on NPR, NBC, CBS Radio, Military Times and Marine Corps Times. Together they have authored a book Beyond the Military: The Handbook for Warrior Reintegration and they are on the show today to share how their book can be used as an integrative strategy for civilian reintegration, continued growth, and lifelong success as a veteran leader in civilian society. If you or a loved one is preparing to leave the service this show is going to be a great resource for you.

Beyond the Military Episode Details

  • Why reintegration is so important
  • What reintegration and separating from the military is all about
  • How to handle the should I stay in or get out decision
  • What people’s biggest fears are when they leave the military
  • How to handle military separation or retirement when you’re married
  • The different fears of service members and their spouses
  • Financial insecurity and decision-making during transition from the military
  • The relationship between finding your purpose and long-term financial stability
  • Identity issues leaving the military and how to handle the
  • Common struggles with them when getting out

Beyond the Military Resources

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