Money 101 for College-Bound Students

Money 101 for College-Bound Students

Preparing your kids to leave the family nest is a huge transition. There’s a lot of planning and preparation that goes into it. And we aren’t just talking about decorating their dorm room. No parent wants their kids to struggle so you try and impart every bit of knowledge you have on them to help them be successful. Money knowledge is top of the list for most parents to make sure their kids have a handle on before they live home. But what should they know? My guest Sharita M. Humphrey is here to give a money 101 lesson for college students and their parents. Sharita is a nationally recognized, award-winning finance expert and money mentor. Having previously been broke and homeless herself, Sharita knows first-hand that financial freedom has a blueprint and she’s committed to helping women change the financial trajectories of their lives. Sharita is a Mom who has financially prepared her children for leaving the nest. She is also a certified financial educator, speaker, and coach.

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Money 101 For College Bound Students Details

  • Importance of having conversations about money, especially credit cards
  • How to develop a foundation in the basics
  • Use your negative experiences as a teaching tool
  • Start as early as possible and keep that communication going
  • Let your children gain experience and are there to help
  • Common errors you should avoid
  • Impact of student loan debt and overborrowing
  • Tools to reduce college debt
  • How to budget together
  • When to start having the conversation about credit
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Money 101 For College Bound Students Resources

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Getting your kids ready for college includes preparing them financially. Here's a money 101 lesson for college-bound students and their parents.