Strategies for Getting Out of Debt

Strategies for Getting Out of Debt

Anyone in it knows debt is hell. If it were so easy to get out of debt, no one would be in it. It’s hard, but understanding how money works, your debt situation, and creating a strategy can help you get out of debt. My guest, Erin Skye Kelly, knows a thing or two about being in debt and strategies to get out of it. Erin is a bestselling and award-winning author of Get the Hell Out of Debt. A book that teaches financial literacy in a way that’s approachable, entertaining, and inspiring. Erin’s resources have helped thousands of people pay off millions of dollars in personal debt and are inspired by her deeply personal journey of regaining financial freedom after paying off over $2 million of personal debt. Erin is a keynote speaker and entrepreneur who has shared the stage with legendary motivational speakers such as Tony Robbins, Phil Town, and Gary John Bishop. Erin shares her advice for approaching your debt, strategies to get out of debt, and common debt missteps to avoid. There’s lots to learn in this show.


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Getting Out of Debt Details

  • The impact of debt on all parts of your life
  • Freedom of financial choice
  • Erin’s 3 phased plan
  • How to start with tackling debt
  • The steps to customize your plan
  • Importance of financial boundaries
  • Staying out of debt
  • Having money conversations with your spouse
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Strategies for Getting Out of Debt Resources

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Getting out of debt requires a strategy, but what strategy works for your financial situation? Here's how to get yourself out of debt.