Lacey’s Birthday Bash 2021

Lacey’s Birthday Bash 2021

It’s that time again. It’s my birthday and I’m happy you’re here to help me celebrate. I can’t believe another year has passed. Somehow this year flew by and dragged out all at the same time but it has been an amazing year. Last year for my three siblings were guests on my show. Since then, I’ve recorded 52 episodes of the Military Money Show and talked with some amazing people. I loved every bit of it. To include my recording with my Grandma. That was a very special show. But today I have another special one. I’ve been working for over six months to get this guest for my bday show. It wasn’t easy but my Dad finally said yes to recording. In this episode, I get to grill my Dad on growing up in upstate New York, his early start in the working world, his best money advice, military life, and some of the things he taught me growing up.

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Lacey’s Birthday Bash Details

  • What life was like in upstate New York
  • Starting work at an early age
  • The many jobs that lead to the military
  • How money lessons were taught to my Dad
  • Where allowances a thing back then
  • The biggest financial lesson he learned
  • Where he learned about the envelope system
  • What my parents wanted me and my siblings to know most about money
  • The hardest part about raising four kids in the military
  • What military pay use to be like
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