Getting on the Other Side Challenges and Trauma

Life can be difficult sometimes. Challenges and traumas are not something the military community has a monopoly on, but still, many in our community face challenges and traumas that can leave a person feeling shattered and low on hope, which can start a cycle of poor decision-making, including financial mistakes.
In this episode, Jeremy Stalnecker covers the common ways PTSD manifests, the challenges of military and post-military life, coping with isolating and hopeless situations, and advice for overcoming trauma. Jeremy also addresses how PTSD can impact decision-making, how spouses can navigate supporting a partner with PTSD, and what he wishes more people understood about this invisible wound.
Jeremy, Co-Founder of the Mighty Oaks Foundation, aids America’s military and families battling combat-related wounds like PTSD. A Marine Corps veteran, he served in Operation Iraqi Freedom, acquiring leadership skills. As a USMC Infantry Officer, Jeremy received a Veteran Navy Commendation Medal with “V” for Combat Valor. Transitioning to ministry after the military, he counseled at Coastline Baptist, then served as Senior Pastor at Bay Area Baptist Church. Feeling the calling, Jeremy merged his ministry and military background, leading Mighty Oaks Foundation full-time where today he focuses on veterans and helping them adjust back to civilian life and deal with PTSD from a biblical perspective. Additionally, Jeremy is often a speaker on the topic of leadership and discipleship.

Challenges and Trauma Episode Details

  • The common symptoms and behaviors associated with PTSD
  • How trauma can lead to a destructive cycle of poor decision-making, from strained relationships to financial mistakes
  • Practical advice for taking the first courageous step towards healing and overcoming the feeling of having “nothing left to hold onto”
  • The critical balance between understanding trauma’s impact and not using it as an endless excuse
  • Tough love for veterans surrounding themselves with the wrong influences that “make dysfunction feel normal”
  • A spouse’s struggle to financially protect their family while supporting a partner with PTSD

Other Side Challenges and Trauma Resources

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