Strategies for Business Growth and Strategic Exits

A lot of blood, sweat, and tears go into building a business. As a founder, you’ll wear many hats to get things done. It can be challenging to find time and energy to be strategic about growing or innovating in your business.
In this episode, Gary Kusin shares his decades of wisdom on successfully scaling businesses, managing pivotal moments with teams, building a valuable brand that could be acquired, and evaluating growth opportunities.
Gary is a mentor, investor, entrepreneur, business advisor, and author of the Always Learning: Lessons on Leveling Up from GameStop to Laura Mercier and Beyond. He is the co-founder of GameStop, and Laura Mercier Cosmetics, both of which are well-known global brands. Today, he advises an array of public and private companies, large and small, on strategy, management and growth issues. In addition, Kusin continues his full schedule of mentoring and has mentored well over 1000 individuals during the course of his career.
Gary provides candid advice from his entrepreneurial journey, including how to stay calm as a leader when the unexpected hits, cultivating a mindset of continuous change rather than just improvement, and making your business desirable for acquisition.
He also dives into the recent GameStop stock frenzy, offering a unique perspective on the emotional vs analytical forces at play and where it could all lead.

Strategies for Business Growth Episode Details

  • Recognizing the pivotal moments to successfully scale your business
  • Managing and motivating teams through challenging times
  • Building a valuable brand that can be acquired
  • Evaluating growth opportunities and pivoting your strategy
  • Planning for your eventual exit from the business you’ve built

Strategies for Business Growth Resources

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