When and Why to Buy Life Insurance

When and Why to Buy Life Insurance

Life insurance is an important part of protecting the financial future of those you love. Just like other financial decisions, there is a lot to know before deciding when, where, and what to buy. In this episode, I talk with Melissa Schreur about the why behind getting life insurance and when to get it. Melissa Schreur is a military spouse and seasoned insurance professional. Since insurance was her first love before marrying her service member, she naturally developed a passion for helping military families with their life insurance coverage. As the owner of Insure The Heroes, she is on a mission to create more awareness on the value of obtaining individual life insurance!

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When and Why to Buy Life Insurance Episode Details

  • Life insurance 101
  • The difference between term and whole life
  • Things to think about when comparing options and costs
  • How buying insurance works and agents get paid
  • Benefits of shopping around for policies
  • Process of applying for life insurance
  • When is the time to buy a policy
  • How to figure out how much coverage you need
  • Life insurance and military families
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When and Why to Buy Life Insurance Resources

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