Lacey’s Bday Bash 2022

Lacey’s Bday Bash 2022

It’s that time of the year, folks. It’s my Birthday week, which means I get to do whatever I want. I love being able to celebrate my bday every year with you and the special people in my life. In years past, I had my siblings, my Dad, and my grandma on the show last year to help me celebrate. This year, I’m excited to have my mom on the show to celebrate another year of Lacey. My Mom is a military spouse OG. She supported my Dad and family over his 20-year career as a military police officer and a jumpmaster. My Mom and Dad made nine permanent changes of stations with my three siblings and me. With lots of adventures along the way. Some of which she shares. In this special episode, I talk with my Mom about what life as a military spouse looked like while my father was on active duty compared to my life as a military spouse. We discuss how she navigated work, kids, and budgeting as a milspouse. Plus, my Mom shares her advice for military families today.

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Lacey’s Bday Bash Episode Details

  • Mom’s experience as a MilSpouse
  • Best and worst parts of military life
  • Challenges of employment
  • Mom’s advice for MilSpouses
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