Public Student Loan Forgiveness Program

Public Student Loan Forgiveness Program

It’s time for part two of my student loan shows. The Public Student Loan Forgiveness Program has a big perk from serving in the military—student loan forgiveness. Sadly, not as many people use it as should. In this second episode, Adam Hagerman explains what you need to know about the PSLF to take advantage of the program. Adam is an AFC®, CFP®, with a mission to provide financial education that is easy to understand and free from outside influence. In addition to his financial education site, Adam also works full-time as a civilian for the federal government. In his position, he’s provided financial coaching and education to thousands of civilian and military employees over the past 10 years. Adam shares the program, who it’s for, when you should start submitting your information, and avoiding mistakes.

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Public Student Loan Forgiveness Program Episode Details

  • Basics of the program
  • Examples of qualifying employers
  • Importance of understanding your payment plan
  • Types of loans and which ones qualify
  • Changing employers
  • Places to find help
  • Common errors to avoid
  • How to get started
  • Importance of checking your status yearly
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PSLFP Resources

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