Investing in Your Body’s Wealth

Spending less than you make and saving money is part of building wealth. It’s wealth for your future self. Building wealth takes commitment and sacrifice to have a good quality of life in the future. But will you be around to see it or have the physical capability to enjoy it?
In this episode, David Frost will discuss the importance of maintaining muscular strength as we age, explaining why he considers it the “cornerstone of a healthy physical bank account.” He’ll share practical tips for achieving and sustaining peak physical fitness and the concept of “down aging”—looking and feeling years younger than your chronological age.
Dave has compiled a portfolio of fiscal and physical assets and capacities to share with clients and readers. After retiring from America’s Navy, he served as a senior manager in Defense and Aerospace companies. He has coached youths and adults in life skills and physical development for many years. He was named an Adjunct Professor of the Year in 2016.
For his third act, Dave now helps folks striving to stay Well Past Forty. He has self-published two fitness manuals: 1. KABOOMER for great Baby boomers who take steps two at a time rather than two pills at a time, and 2. STRONG TO SAVE – for GenXers who want to die harder and later (as in 7-10 years later).

Episode Details

  • Dave Frost, author of “Strong to Save,” explains why maintaining muscular strength is crucial as we age
  • What “down age” is and the role of strength training in it
  • Simple exercises that provide an effective strength training routine
  • Sthenic strength is about achieving functional, notable power and endurance above your peers as you age
  • The markers of sthenic strength like having a strong grip
  • The importance of anti-inflammatory nutrition, restorative sleep, stress management, and physical contact/hugging
  • A cornerstone of strength is the “seven S’s” of a healthy physical portfolio
  • Practical tips include investing in a fitness tracker, reading books like “The Athlete’s Way”, and making physical activity a consistent priority

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