Being on Your Best Financial Behavior With Robert Frick

Being on Your Best Financial Behavior With Robert Frick

You can have all the financial knowledge in the world but if you don’t take action, success might be hard to come by. Your financial behavior is key to taking the right actions at the right time. I’m talking with an expert in not only the area of behavioral finance but also in economics to discuss ways to improve your financial behavior to have financial success.  Robert Frick is Navy Federal’s corporate economist. In addition to economics, Bob is an expert in personal finance, having worked as an editor at Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine for 15 years, and also is an expert in behavioral economics or the study of people’s behaviors surrounding money. In addition to Kiplinger’s, Bob was a newspaper reporter and editor for 15 years, and holds a BA in Journalism and an MBA, both from Penn State University.

Financial Behavior Topics in This Episode

  • The role self truths play in your financial success
  • How to gain self-awareness to improve your financial behavior
  • Resources and techniques to help with poor financial behaviors 
  • The relationship between your financial and general behaviors
  • Financial behavior and your retirement savings
  • How to strengthen your good financial behavior
  • The role your past plays in how you manage money today
  • The results of Navy Federal’s latest survey
  • Understanding what it means when the Federal Reserve lowers interest rates

Being on Your Best Financial Behavior Resources

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