The Free Financial Resources Available to Military

The Free Financial Resources Available to Military

I have a goal to make the military community well versed in the resources available to them. Since I’ve talked about people not being aware of what’s out there to help them with money. I’ve decided to be part of the solution instead of whining about it.  In today’s show, I want to share all the resources I know that can help people in the military community with money. Even if you’re not in need of financial help or guidance don’t tune this out. Because chances are you’re in a position leadership or will be at some point in your military career. And the people you lead may need financial help. If you know all the available resources you can point them in the right direction and help them avoid further money issues.

Free Financial Resources Available to Military Episode

  • Military Grants and Interest-Free Loans for Active Duty, Veterans, and Families
  • Financial Counseling and Coaching for Servicemember, Veterans and Families
  • The Benefits of Using Military Discounts
  • How to Use Online Discounts

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  • A full list of resources can be found here

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