What to Do When Your Security Clearance is in Jeopardy

What to Do When Your Security Clearance is in Jeopardy

Security clearances are serious business in the military—most service members need one to perform their job. And if you can’t get one or keep one, you could lose your job in the military. In that case, it means a reclass or, in some cases, being put out of the military. Personal finances are one of the guidelines in the adjudication process to obtain a clearance. Delicia Carswell is the founder of Elite Financial Consulting, LLC, a virtual personal financial consulting firm. She’s a fellow military spouse and Accredited Financial Counselor® specializing in budget creation, debt management, credit restoration, and Federal Security Clearance assistance related to Financial Considerations. Delicia shares advice on obtaining a security clearance and how your finances can impact the process. She also walks us through what to do if you receive a Statement of Reason and Letter of Intent. Plus, she shares tips to keep your finances in general working order to avoid putting your security clearance in jeopardy.

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When Your Security Clearance is in Jeopardy Details

  • The importance of financial health for military members
  • A quick refresher on the process to be deemed qualified to hold a security clearance
  • Common financial issues that will cause concern during the process
  • The notification process when a security concern is flagged
  • Steps to take when responding and where to look for resources
  • How to best articulate your response
  • Not letting poor financial decisions derail your career
  • The power of being proactive and prepared
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When Your Security Clearance is in Jeopardy Resources

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