How to Develop Rich Habits

How to Develop Rich Habits

Habits, we’ve all got them but are they good ones or bad ones. If you didn’t guess it, it’s important to build the good habits, the ones that help you build wealth and financial freedom. My guest is an expert in habits. More specifically, he’s an expert in rich and poor habits. Tom Corley is an internationally recognized authority on habits. His inspiring keynote addresses cover success habits of self-made millionaires- Saver-Investors, Senior Executives, Industry Experts, and Entrepreneurs, as well as the crippling habits of those struggling financially. Tom devoted five years to asking 361 rich and poor individuals 144 questions each, in an effort to find out what the rich were doing right and what the poor were doing wrong. Tom shares what rich habits you can develop, how to develop them and what amazing things can come from developing rich habits.

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How to Develop Rich Habits Details

  • The importance of being aware of our habits and why they matter
  • Key good habits; like reading and exercise
  • The four paths to wealth
  • The importance of knowing your personality traits
  • Why you want to be in a position of strength through your habits and knowing your traits
  • The intersection of luck and hard work
  • The importance of interpersonal communication
  • Why reading is an important rich habit
  • How to pass these habits to your children
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Rich Habits Resources

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