What to Expect With the Economy for 2020 (with Robert Frick)

What to Expect With the Economy in 2020 (with Robert Frick)

The end of the year is here. A lot has happened with the economy in 2019 that probably impacted your personal finance. The new year will be no different, the state of the economy will impact your personal finances in some way.  My guest today is here to review with us what happened with the U.S. economy in 2019 and to talk about what’s to come in 2020.  Robert Frick is back by popular demand. Robert is Navy Federal’s corporate economist. In addition to economics, Bob is an expert in personal finance, having worked as an editor at Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine for 15 years, and also is an expert in behavioral economics or the study of people’s behaviors surrounding money. If you haven’t heard it yet, Bob was in episode 59 where we talked about developing good financial behaviors. In this show, we talk about what’s coming in terms of what the market will be like in 2020, how it will impact jobs and spending and what that will look like for the military community.   

What to Expect With the Economy for 2020 Episode Details

  • A review of the economy in 2019
  • What is expected to happen in the economy during 2020
  • Jobs in demand for military veterans in 2020
  • Using training to get desired jobs and careers
  • Creating a system to help with PCSing or getting jobs
  • What a recession is and if there’ll be one
  • A look at consumer spending in the New Year
  • What you can do to financially prepare for 2020
  • How to plan for your military pay increase
  • Sacrificing and saving for the things you want

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