Lacey’s Look Back 2019

Lacey’s Look Back 2019

The sun is setting on 2019. The year is almost over and done. If you’re like me, the past year has been a mix of some highs and lows and some so-sos.  We’re moving into 2020, and the new year that will bring new goals, opportunities, and challenges Right now is the perfect time of the year to begin planning for 2020. And the best way to make the most of the new year is to look back or review your actions (or lack of actions) from 2019 to see what you did well, what you could have done better. And what you could have done without.  Gaining a holistic view of your year past will give you valuable intel going into 2020 to better set, plan and execute your goals. It will also help you identify areas you need to let go of or not waste your time on.  To give you a little kick in the pants and some inspiration to get your 2019 look back done, today I am going to share mine.  I’m leading the way, so here is my 2019 review. What I have done and what I have failed to do personally and professionally. And what I plan to do in 2020 to be better.    In this show I discuss:
  • The peak and pit of 2019
  • My accomplishments this year
  • My failures in 2019
  • The things I’m grateful for
  • My plans for 2020

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