Why Retirement Points are Important

Why Retirement Points are Important

Retirement points are important but they’re also confusing as all get out. Points can help or hurt the money you earn in retirement. So they’re very important to know about and understand! John Cooney is a CFP (R), Enrolled Agent, and a fee-only financial planner who founded Green and Gold Financial Planning to help people make smarter financial decisions, develop confidence in their financial situation, and live more financially secure lives. John is a graduate of West Point and a 20 year US Army veteran. When not working with clients or attending his drill weekend, John enjoys being outdoors with his wife and two boys, cooking, running, and cheering on the Boston area sports teams. John breaks down what retirement points are, who they’re for, why they’re important and how they impact your military pension.

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Retirement Points Episode Details

  • Retirement point basics
  • How points impact your retirement
  • Ways to earn more points
  • How active duty time contributes to reserve retirement
  • The importance of tracking your points
  • How to calculate retirement points
  • Common mistakes to avoid and best practices
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Retirement Points are Important Resources

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Retirement points are important to help determine your future income. Here's what you should know about your retirement points.