How to Join the Fight Against Cybercrime on the Military

How to Join the Fight Against Cybercrime on the Military

Between 2016 and 2020, service members and veterans lost over 420 million dollars in scams that were reported. Members of the military community are victims of cybercrimes at a higher rate than the civilian community. A steady paycheck and frequent deployments make you a big target for fraud. Cindy Liebes is the Chief Program Officer at the Cyber Security Network, a public and private collaboration to help individuals and small businesses combat cybercrime. Prior to her work at the Cyber Security Network, Cindy worked as the Federal Trade Commission’s Southeast Regional Director where she was responsible for supervising and litigating numerous law enforcement actions involving a variety of unfair and deceptive consumer protection issues, including online privacy; fraudulent Internet schemes; telemarketing fraud and consumer credit statute enforcement. Cindy and I talk about common types of scams and fraud impacting service members and military spouses, how you can spot them and what to do about them whether you are a victim or not. Cindy shares some fantastic advice to avoid getting scammed and resources to help.

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Fight Against Cybercrime on the Military Details

  • The mission of the Cyber Security Network
  • Popular scams targeting the military community
  • The various types of imposter scams
  • How to spot a scam and react
  • The scale of the impact on the military community
  • Steps to take if you are a victim of cybercrime
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Cybercrime on the Military Resources

  • The Partnership to FightCybercrime Military & Veteran Program
  • Scammer Payback on YouTube
  • The Firm by John Grisham
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