Preparing Your Family for Leaving the Military (with Charlene Wilde)

Preparing Your Family for Leaving the Military (with Charlene Wilde)

Transitioning out of the military, either separating or retiring, is a life-changing event. Not only for the Service Member but also for their family, who has served alongside during countless moves, deployments, and the constant change associated with military life. Without a plan, this transition can seem overwhelming and stressful, instead of an exciting new opportunity for the whole family. My guest, Charlene Wilde, is here to share some tips to prepare the whole family for a successful and well-planned transition. She has not only the first-hand experience as a veteran but also as a spouse to a soon retiring service member. Charlene Wilde is the Assistant Secretary of the American Armed Forces Mutual Aid Association (AAFMAA), our nation’s longest-standing military financial services non-profit organization. Charlene is a veteran of the United States Army Chemical Corps.

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Preparing Your Family for Leaving the Military Episode Details

  • If you could do it differently, what would you do differently in your transition out of the military?
  • What are you doing to support your Spouse and Family through military separation or retirement?
  • How do you prepare for the change in mindset after leaving the military lifestyle?
  • Impacts of a spouse’s career that should be considered
  • How can you help prepare your children for the changes that come with the transition?
  • Steps the whole family can take to make the process easier
  • What conversations can you have with your children to include them?
  • Things to avoid during the transition
  • What is your advice to someone that is facing a transition and not feeling very prepared?
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