How to Build Prosperity in Life (with John Soforic)

How to Build Prosperity in Life (with John Soforic)

Lack of money can leave you at the mercy of others. On the other hand, money can give you power, control, and confidence over your life. But how do you build prosperity in your life to gain financial freedom? In this show, my guest, Dr. John Soforic, and I discuss his book, The Wealthy Gardener. We talk about lessons that can help you live a prosperous life and gain financial freedom. John was a once chiropractor with 200k in student debt. He retired at 49 with a retirement income of $240,000, then wrote a book for his son in college: The Wealthy Gardener: Lessons on Prosperity between Father and Son. The book became an Amazon bestseller, hit #46 worldwide on audible, and has been translated into 6 languages.

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Building Prosperity in Life Episode Details

  • What luck has to do with financial prosperity
  • How to build safety and security in your finances
  • The steps to create financial options in life
  • Why the Wealthy Gardener was written
  • How to learn from others to build financial independence
  • Balancing making sacrifices and living life
  • Understanding our financial behaviors to make smart choices
  • The importance of executing good financial behavior
  • How to use “impact” hours or intentional focus to reach your goals
  • Becoming mindful of how you spend your time
  • Building in the time to focus on financial management
  • The possibilities that come from removing financial worries
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