Planning MilMoneyCon22: The Gathering of Military Financial Professionals

Planning MilMoneyCon22: The Gathering of Military Financial Professionals

It’s official! MilMoneyCon22 is happening April 21-23 in Cary, NC. I’m so happy to be able to make the announcement. MilMoneyCon is a conference for military financial professionals. That means financial coaches, counselors, planners, educators, influencers, students, and writers from the military community. They’ll range from practitioners helping service members and their families with finances to veterans entering the personal finance profession. Basically, everyone that’s military & money. My hope for MilMoneyCon22 is to bring the military and money community together in one place to connect, learn, solve problems, have opportunities to increase their earning power, and stay up-to-date on the evolving state of personal finance in the military community. In this episode, I’m going to give you all the details about MilMoneyCon and what everyone can expect.


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Planning MilMoneyCon22 Details

  • What #MilMoneyCon22 is
  • Dates and the location of MilMoneyCon22
  • Attendees and the military money community
  • About the two different event passes
  • What to expect at MilMoneyCon22
  • Sessions, events, and parties
  • Speaker submissions
  • What’s next for the event
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If you’re interested in joining the community of military and financial professionals for the first-ever MilMoneyCon. You can sign up here: Get MilMoneyCon Updates

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