Finances for First Generation Families

Finances for First Generation Families

The importance of family and finances for first-generation service members is something I learned early on as a financial coach in the community. There are a large number of service members that are first-generation Americans. And often those service members are financially responsible for extended members of their family. Which can have an impact on their budget and meeting their own financial obligations. In this episode, we talk about the financial struggles that first-gen Americans face, family expectations and culture, and the importance of financial literacy. My guest knows a thing or two about finances and first-gen families. Giovanna “Gigi” Gonzalez is a Phoenix-based financial educator with 10 years of experience in financial services. She’s a first-generation American, first-generation college graduate, and a TikTok star by the name of TheFirstGenMentor where she reaches over 160,000 followers through her educational and entertaining videos on financial literacy and career navigation.


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Finances for First Generation Families Details

  • What first-generation means
  • The financial challenges that impact first-generation families
  • Important financial literacy first-gen should learn
  • Advice for families to start off financially right financially
  • How to navigate your finances and family expectations
  • Balancing helping family and your own financial needs
  • Finances and TikTok
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Finances for First Generation Families Resources

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