Navigating Your Military Transition Preparation

Navigating Your Military Transition Preparation 

Getting out of the military today isn’t like it was for your Grandparents. Technology, innovation, and support for the military community have made opportunities and guidance are endless. The problem is many Servicemembers and their families are not taking the time necessary to plan plus many people are not aware of the different paths they can take advantage of.  My guest Scott Tucker is here to talk about the different approaches available when it comes to military transition preparation.  Scott R. Tucker is an author and speaker. He’s also a West Point graduate, military financial expert, and entrepreneur.

Military Transition Preparation Episode

  • The different approaches to retirement
  • Finding your own path when you leave the military
  • Using LinkedIn for personal branding
  • Getting guidance to prepare for jobs and entrepreneurship
  • Seizing opportunities when you’re getting out of the military
  • How to sell yourself in the job market
  • Leveraging and communicating your skillsets
  • How to prepare financially for getting out
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Transition Prep Resources

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