How to Get Military Family Support with Shannon Razsadin

How to Get Military Family Support with Shannon Razsadin

Military life has its ups and downs. There are some amazing perks to serving in the military. But there can also be some drawbacks like crappy military housing or time apart or financial hardships. Most of the time we just suck it up and deal with it. But there is a way to not only have your comments and concerns heard but something to actually be down about them.   My guest is here to talk about how military families can get the support they need and want. Shannon Razsadin is a Navy spouse, mom, and the Executive Director of the Military Family Advisory Network (MFAN).   MFAN is a national nonprofit that uses a unique peer influencer model to deliver scientific research, implement cutting-edge communications strategies, and drive community outreach and collaboration. This work enables MFAN to deliver data-driven solutions to military families for maximum and measurable positive impact.   Shannon and I discuss what the Military Family Support Programming Survey is and how it makes a rapid change in the military community. 

Military Family Support Episode Details

  • What is MFAN and how they help the military community
  • How MFAN differs from other organizations advocating for the military community
  • The purposes of the Military Family Support Programming Survey
  • Survey results and what that means for you
  • How the MFAN survey positively impacted military housing issues
  • How the survey helps the entire military community
  • Social impacts of completing the survey
  • How to get help with what you need in the military
  • How MFAN got to meet Oprah & get her favorite things
  • What’s next with MFAN

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