Why Your Money Planning and Practices Need to Be for Real Life

Why Your Money Planning and Practices Need to Be for Real Life

Your financial plan and money management can’t be a carbon copy of what your neighbor or your best friend is doing. They aren’t you, it’s not your life. The plan you create and practice needs to be centered around your life and your realities to be successful. Even if you do that, there are going to be some mistakes along the way. We all make them. How you plan and approach your money makes all the difference. A little humor goes a long way when things get serious. The military community knows better than anyone else about finding the funny in frustrating situations. In this episode, my guest Joe Saul-Sehy shares advice on modernizing your money management in a way that works with your goals and real life. Joe is the creator and co-host of the Stacking Benjamins podcast and co-author of STACKED: Your Super-Serious Guide To Modern Money Management. He’s a former financial advisor and represented American Express and Ameriprise in the media.

Money Planning and Practices Episode Details

  • Joe’s book writing experience
  • Focus on making money an approachable topic
  • Goal setting and taking action
  • Importance to having conversations about money and values
  • Weekly money meetings
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • Why you might not want to get rich quick
  • Understand your end goals when investing
  • Bad advice to avoid
  • What Joe wants readers to take away from his book
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Money Planning and Practices for Real Life Resources

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