How to Compare Mortgage Costs & Make a Decision

How to Compare Mortgage Costs & Make a Decision

  Buying a house is not just a big decision. It’s a series of big decisions. You have to find the location, the right home, in the right area. You have to apply for mortgages, make an offer, and then you have to compare mortgages to decide which one to go with. But how do you compare and make such a big financial decision?   In this episode, my guest, Kevin Parker, breaks down how to compare closing costs between lenders to make and decide which mortgage is the best deal for you.   Kevin is the Vice President of the Mortgage Origination teams at Navy Federal Credit Union. Kevin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Hampton University. He has over 23 years of lending experience working for Capital One, SunTrust, and TD Bank. He has held various leadership roles with expertise in Real Estate Lending, Commercial Lending, Business Banking, Credit Analysis, and Business Development.   Kevin currently leads the Consumer Direct and Retail channels of almost 800 nationwide team members. He creates policies, procedures, and business development strategies that partner real estate professionals and builders with Navy Federal members to offer an exceptional home buying and financing experience.   Kevin gives practical advice on the ins and outs of comparing closing costs, lenders, and making the best-informed decision on mortgages.  


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Compare Mortgage Costs Episode Details

  • Closing cost vs estimated closing cost
  • Closing costs 101
  • Avoiding junk fees
  • Tips on choosing a good lender
  • Where to get started when shopping for a mortgage
  • Commons mistakes and how to reduce your cost
  • Questions to ask during the process
  • Find a vendor who understands VA loans
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How to Compare Mortgage Costs Resources

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