Money and Mentorship for Veteran Businesses with Seda Goff

Money and Mentorship for Veteran Businesses with Seda Goff

Finding a mentor to help guide you in business can be hard to come by but finding both money and mentorship at the same time is rare. That’s why when I heard about The PenFed Foundations, Veteran Entrepreneur Investment Program (VEIP), I knew I had to talk about it on my show.  My guest, Seda Goff is the Director of Entrepreneurship at VEIP. In this episode, we talk about the state of entrepreneurship in the military community, what VEIP is and how the program could give you a leg up in business. 

Money and Mentorship for Veteran Businesses Episode

  • What is VEIP and who they help
  • The true value VEIP provides
  • How much money do VEIP participants receive
  • Why should a Veteran use a program like VEIP? Does it give them a leg up?
  • How you can become a successful Veteran statistic
  • Money management in business
  • Bunker Labs
  • How to get involved with VEIP
  • Time blocking

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