Military Financial Advisor Association (with Daniel Kopp)

Military Financial Advisor Association (with Daniel Kopp)

Helping the military community with money is something many people have a passion for, but often they don’t have experience with the military way of life. Which let’s face it until you’ve lived it, you won’t truly understand it. Now there’s a new group, the Military Financial Advisor Association, that has answered the call and created a pool of financial experts to help the military community with money. Today’s guest is Daniel Kopp, the founder of Wise Stewardship Financial Planning, where he helps young widows and widowers, as well as servicemembers, get their financial lives in order by aligning their money with their values. Daniel is back on the show to share a fantastic announcement and some powerful money advice for navigating these crazy times.

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Military Financial Advisor Association Episode Details

  • Crazy coaching stories
  • Why become a financial advisor
  • The best and the hardest parts of being a financial professional
  • What is the Military Financial Advisor Association (MFAA)?
  • How did the idea come about of the MFAA came about
  • Financial advice for navigating COVID-19
  • Top three things you should be doing with money right now
  • Three things you should not be doing with money right now

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