Lacey’s Birthday Bash 2020

Lacey’s Birthday Bash 2020

Welcome to my special Birthday show. Since it’s my special day I want to spend it my way, doing what I want. And if you know anything about me, you know I love positivity and humor. And there are no other humans on this planet that bring me more joy and make me laugh harder than my sisters and my brother. So in honor of Lacey Day, I asked my siblings nicely to be on the show. It’s been a long time since I’ve had my siblings on the show. If you’re new to the show, let me introduce my family. Even though we all grew up Army brats, my brother Brian and sister Jaime are currently serving in the Air Force. Brian is a pilot and Jaime is a nurse anesthetist. My sister Kiely isn’t in the military but might as well be because it’s the majority family business and the language we speak. Kiely is a management consultant in the pharmaceutical industry. I’m blessed to have been born into a mastermind with them. Since it’s my party, I’m going to laugh if I want to and we do a lot of laughing in the show while reminiscing about some of our funniest family money stories. You’ll probably take away from this show that we were raised to be responsible for our finances, held accountable for financial mistakes, and taught to live frugally.

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Lacey’s Birthday Bash 2020 Episode Details

  • How to save money getting your wisdom teeth pulled
  • The importance of protecting your money
  • Why you should save money and avoid debt
  • The power of working from an early age
  • The results of teaching your kids to manage their money
  • Family money traditions you can build
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