How to Brand Yourself for Success (with Pete Canalichio)

How to Brand Yourself for Success (with Pete Canalichio)

Whether you’re on active duty, retired, working a 9-to 5 job, or are a business owner, you have a brand. It may not be something that’s intentional or planned but like it or not, you’re known for something. That might be hard work, a technical skill, your personality, your positivity, or even your negativity. People have an impression of you,  that’s your brand.  Pete Canalichio is an award-winning author of the Amazon #1 New Release, “Expand, Grow, Thrive” and TEDx speaker. He has worked in brand strategy, expansion, and licensing for the past 20 years with companies like Coca-Cola Company and Newell Brands.  He is a Navy veteran that has a mission to develop tools, talks, and training designed to inspire, educate and empower his clients to write a better story, and from it, to achieve all that is possible.

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Brand Yourself for Success Episode Details

  • What a brand or branding and how it can help you
  • Why branding applies to many things in your life
  • What people or a company brand themselves
  • Is a brand intentional or an accident
  • Tiger Woods example and the power of brands
  • How everything communicates
  • How your brand plays a role in your career
  • The three things you need on LinkedIn to build your career brand
  • How to set yourself apart with branding
  • Why it’s important for military entrepreneurs to build their brand
  • How to build your brand
  • Mistakes to avoid in branding
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How to Brand Yourself for Success Resources

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