Is More Education the Answer (with Matt Miner)

Is More Education the Answer (with Matt Miner)

Is more education the answer? That’s a question many military spouses ask themselves. Higher Education has become associated as a requirement for success and as a necessity for young adults as they enter society and the workforce. Continuing education is consistently marketed to older adults with flexible, online-only options that promise an increased salary within months. For most this education comes at a cost. According to Pew Research, one-third of adults under 30 have student loan debt. The question becomes is more education worth the investment and the possible years of debt. In this show, Matt Miner is back to discuss the question of is more education the answer. Matt is a fee-only, fiduciary advisor with PLC Wealth Management providing financial planning to families and individuals making super-important life decisions.

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Is More Education the Answer Episode Details

  • What essential factor you should consider in education
  • How your career goals and interests play into the decision, not just the institutions that are selling you an education
  • Why you need to remember schools are for revenue
  • Understanding what education is for and how it will support your end goals
  • The role of a bachelor’s degree plays in working
  • The application of work experience and the lessons you learn
  • How to determine if a degree or advanced degree is the correct investment or worth forgoing full-time employment for you
  • How to value a degree
  • The rules of thumb for tuition costs compared to the first-year salary
  • Why education should be treated as a luxury good
  • The value of experience versus a degree as a transition tool
  • The knowledge in taking action and failing
  • School choice as it relates to total education cost
  • Why undergrad needs to be paid for in cash
  • How more education can lead to more income
  • What to look for in a post-Grad school
  • Remember choosing a school and degree will have a lasting financial impact on yourself/child.
  • When flagship state schools and top elite schools can be good financial choices
  • A word of warning about the top 30-100 universities
  • Trades offer an opportunity to make money faster without incurring debt
  • Why you need an exit plan for trade and technical careers
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