Steps to Protect Your Money During High Inflation

Steps to Protect Your Money During High Inflation

It’s still happening. Inflation is high. In fact, it’s at a 40-year high and impacting service members and their families in a big way. With the increase in inflation comes an increase in interest rates, making people feel it from groceries to cars and homes they buy. In this episode, corporate economist Robert Frick is back to give an update on the state of the economy and how you can take steps to protect yourself from high inflation. Robert is Navy Federal’s corporate economist. In addition to economics, Bob is an expert in personal finance, having worked as an editor at Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine for 15 years, and also an expert in behavioral economics, or the study of people’s behaviors surrounding money. In addition to Kiplinger’s, Bob was a newspaper reporter and editor for 15 years.

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Steps to Protect Your Money During High Inflation Episode Details

  • Impact of inflation
  • Strategies for handling inflation and higher prices
  • Investing during inflation
  • Importance of staying focused on the future
  • What is the cause of inflation, and can it be controlled
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