Above and Beyond Transition Assistance

Above and Beyond Transition Assistance

Separating or retiring from the military is a big undertaking that encompasses your world. It causes many shifts in your life, from finances to location to your identity. It’s a lot for one person or family to take on alone. Getting a helping hand can go a long way to ensuring a successful transition out of the military. In this episode, Jodi Vickery breaks down the Partnership for Your Success program, how it can help with your transition out of the military, and how the Armed Forces Bank is assisting. Jodi is the Executive Vice President and Director of Military Consumer Lending at the Armed Forces Bank. She is also a military spouse with over 23 years of experience serving the military community in the consumer finance industry. In addition to her professional career, Jodi has been recognized as the Volunteer of the Year for the U.S. Army’s Kansas City Recruiting Battalion and USAREC 5thBrigade. Jodi shares more about their strategic partnership and how it allows serving Armed Forces members to serve their country while they prepare for their future.

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Above and Beyond Transition Assistance Details

  • Background of the Partnership for Your Success (PAYS) Program
  • Value of feedback and mentorship
  • Tips for translating military lingo and skills
  • How to join the program
  • Details behind applying for specific positions and how the process works
  • Tips and common errors to avoid
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