Finding Inspiration for Your Finances (with Andy Wang)

Finding Inspiration for Your Finances (with Andy Wang)

Finding inspiration for your finances or getting our financial lives on track can be hard. When times are challenging it can be difficult to get refocused.  This show is all about getting reinspired and refocused with your money. There are many different ways to manage, invest, and make money. My guest, Andy Wang knows a lot about finding inspiration for your money. Andy Wang is a Managing Partner at Runnymede Capital Management and host of Inspired Money podcast. He was named by Forbes as a Top 10 Personal Finance Podcast. He has been named among the INVESTOPEDIA 100: Most Influential Advisors, Top 100 Most Social Financial Advisors by Brightscope, and has appeared on Reuters TV, Barron’s, and Forbes. In this show, Andy shares a lot of stories and advice to help you get inspired with money. In addition, Andy talks about the power of starting early when it comes to saving and investing.

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Inspiration for Your Finances Episode Details

  • How Andy found inspiration for his finance career
  • What investment research is
  • The benefits of doing company research before investing
  • How people become “millionaires next door”
  • Why “sexy jobs” don’t always equal big wealth
  • Your money’s two best friends
  • The different ways people invest
  • How to find inspiration and focus for your finances
  • Andy’s thoughts on getting started with saving and investing
  • The power of starting early
  • Living the financial life you want
More on getting started: The Basics of Money Management

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