How to Build a Moneywise Marriage (with Weslia & Willa)

How to Build a Moneywise Marriage (with Weslia & Willa)

Knowing how to build a moneywise marriage is something many couples struggle with. The topic of money and budgeting can be a major stressor in marriage. Different backgrounds and views on how to spend and save can easily lead to conflict. My guests are here to discuss the role finances play in all stages of a relationship and the importance of having a plan. Willa Williams and Weslia Echols are the founders of Trinity Financial Coaching and the Abundant Living Radio Show. In this show, they share why an understanding of each other’s expectations about money isn’t just for married couples but something that needs to be communicated by couples before saying “I Do.” Their advice will help you navigate this sometimes sticky subject and make debt reduction and budgeting a joint effort. As with any relationship subject, communication is the key along.

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Moneywise Marriage Episode Details

  • The important money conversions you should have while dating
  • How to build a solid foundation prior to marriage through conversations
  • Why you should understand each other’s relationship with money
  • Money stress will not be resolved under you understand how/why your spouse uses money the way they d
  • Importance of goals and agreeing on them together to avoid conflict
  • Understanding each other’s values and how it impacts spending
  • Why debt and your goals need to be understood and agreed on
  • Household budget and debt reduction plan and why stay-at-home spouses need to be in the loop
  • How and why spouses should be building credit
  • Empowering money conversation to have
  • How to start a Moneywise Marriage with planning
  • Having open and honest communication (your ways, not your parent’s)
  • Creating and following a blueprint that includes your children
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Resources for Building a Moneywise Marriage

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