Crypto vs Stocks: What You Should Know

Crypto vs Stocks: What You Should Know

Investing in crypto is all the rage. It’s in the news, social media, and you’ve probably heard people talking about it in person. But what is cryptocurrency, how does it compare to traditional investing, i.e. crypto vs stocks? And even better, is it for you? I could think of no other to have a discussion on crypto with than Josh Bannerman. Josh is a Certified Financial Planner and a Marine. You may know him as OG, the co-host of the super-popular Stacking Benjamins podcast. He’s a friend, fellow veteran, and a phenomenal financial advisor. In this episode, Josh breaks down what cryptocurrency is, how it works, why it’s popular, and what you need to know before investing in it.


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Crypto vs Stocks Details

  • What cryptocurrency is
  • Crypto vs traditional investments
  • The unpredictable value of cryptocurrency
  • Tech advances coming from crypto
  • Current events surrounding crypto
  • Some considerations before buying in
  • OG’s experience with crypto
  • The risk vs reward
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Crypto Vs Stocks Resources

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The decision between crypto vs stock can be difficult. Here's a breaks down of what cryptocurrency is and how it works.