Are You Controlling What You Can With Money?

One of the many blessings of being a podcaster and coach is having authentic and thoughtful conversations with people from different backgrounds. I talk to people confident and purposeful about their life and money and I talk to people who are scared and feel like their world is spinning. I also talk to people who are somewhere in the middle. A common thread weaved among all of those people and their situations is control. They’re either in control or feel out of control or are kind of in control. In this episode, I’m talking about how taking control of your situation is often the key to finding peace and can lead to success or at least feel like you’re in control and captaining the ship that is your life. I’m also going to go over how to focus on controlling what is controllable in your finances.

Controlling What You Can With Money Details

  • Taking control of what you can control is the key to finding peace and success in life
  • Life is unpredictable for everyone, so focus on controlling
  • The three things you can control
  • How to assess situations to determine what you can and cannot control
  • Why you can’t forget the power of what is helpful in any given situation
  • The financial areas you can control

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