The Changing Landscape of USAA Investments (What you Should Know)

The Changing Landscape of USAA Investments (What you Should Know)

In recent months, the landscape of USAA investments has changed for members. If you’re not a member, you’ve probably heard everyone talking about it. Many people want to know the down-low on what happened and what the future of USAA investments looks like, and how Charles Schwab is part of that future. To get all the deets, I’m doing a two-part series with Charles Schwab and USAA to get you some exclusive information about the transition. To kick off the series, I’m talking with Mary Stork, the President of the USAA Investment Services Company (ISCO). She also serves as GM of Strategic Investment Relationships, overseeing the Charles Schwab and Victory Capital referral agreements and the day-to-day relationship management of each firm. We talk about what USAA investments looked like before the changes, why USAA decided to change how they provide investment value to their members. Plus, Mary shares what it looks like moving forward and what USAA members get out of the deal!

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Changing Landscape of USAA Investments Episode Details

  • Mary’s role at USAA
  • Why USAA initially started offering investments solutions for members
  • What USAA investments looked like before the transition
  • Why USAA sold their investment products to Victory Capital and Schwab (all the deets)
  • What’s different or changed now for members
  • What new USAA members can expect for investment help from USAA
  • There may be some new benefits coming for USAA members at Schwab (stay tuned)
  • USAA’s hub for investment information
  • What members will get from the changing landscape moving forward
  • How USAA is continuing to support members
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Changing Landscape of USAA Investments Resources

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