Lacey’s Look Back 2017

in Reviews & Random by Lacey Langford, AFC®

It’s hard to believe we’re already ten days into 2018. What the heck happened to 2017? Well, it flew right by and made me smile, laugh, cry, excited, crazy, frustrated, doubting, happy and determined all in the process. That’s what!

When I finally realized it was 2018, my first instinct was to freak out because I missed the mark on many of the things I wanted to accomplish this past year.

Then my calmer, cooler self, got control (there may have been some talking to myself involved) and decided to look back at all the amazing things that I did accomplish in my personal and professional life instead of wallowing in my non-accomplishments. It was the classier thing to do.

Here’s what I like to call Lacey’s Look Back 2017.

It’s a list of 10 big things I accomplished this year. It’s kinda like a mixed tape, Lacey’s Killer 2017 Mix.

1. Writing

I wrote a lot this past year, in fact, I think the most I’ve ever written. Not to mention I had my most profitable year-to-date in paid writing. That’s right (fist pump)! Many of my articles were picked up by other outlets such as USA Today, Business Insider and Huffington Post. I also took away a valuable lesson learned from my freelance writing this year. At some point in the year, I committed to writing a specific set of articles in addition to writing I was already doing. Unfortunately, I made the assumption that these articles would be for the same word count I usually wrote, but once I committed and received the “details,” the word count was more than double my usual requirement. At first, I may have thrown a tiny temper tantrum when I realized how grossly underpaid I would be. I may have even thought about going back and saying no or demanding more money, but then I remembered I committed. And I take a commitment SERIOUS. I said I was going to do it, so I sucked it up and followed through. It’s was a valuable lesson learned and a mistake I won’t make again. Fo Show!

2. Podcasts

This past year, I didn’t have to beg anyone to be on their Podcast. Instead, I was asked to be on a few without the begging. Ok, I may have slightly suggested I should be on one, but I kept it super profesh. I hope to get invited/beg to be on at least 15 Podcasts in 2018. Wait, did I just set a goal?


I finally took action on an idea I kicked around for a long time, What the Heck Wednesday (WTHW). In 2017, I started a YouTube Channel and filming of WTHW videos. They’re still a work in progress, but I’m getting there. It’s not easy or comfortable for me to make videos so I’m happy that I stopped thinking about it and started doing. I look forward to building up my videos to be every week in 2018 (I think I set another goal).

4. The Blended Retirement System

I’ve given more Blended Retirement System (BRS) presentations than I can shake a stick at. That may not be exciting for some, but for me it was. It gave me the opportunity to improve my public speaking skills and talk about financial planning concepts on a regular basis not to mention I was able to work on my hilariously funny jokes.

5. National Board of Directors Member

I was selected to serve on the 2018 Board of Directors for the AFCPE representing private practice. It was an honor to just be in the running let alone chosen. It will be an exciting way to start 2018 with this amazing new opportunity.
From the AFCPE 2017 Symposium in San Diego, CA

6. PTA

In 2017, I was the treasurer for Wyatt and Connor’s PTA where I deposited $5 check after $5 check and the most impressive part was…I didn’t quit. Believe me, there were many times when I wanted to, but again I take a commitment for real. Although stressful, it was a great learning experience and I made some new friends. As an added bonus, I brushed up on my accounting skills.

7. Home Sweet Home

After more than a year of searching, we found the perfect house and moved in at the beginning of 2017. We’ve gone through a lot of transition since my hubby’s retirement from the Army so getting settled in our new home was a major win for the year. The neighborhood has plenty of kids for our boys to play with. The only downside is, my yard looks like they fought off the zombie apocalypse with Nerf darts.
The view from my outdoor office. Please excuse my wrinkled tablecloth.

8. Travel

There were times when I didn’t think I could be away from home another minute but I traveled a total of 5 weeks and 16 weekends to help me accomplish goals for work. And I lived to tell the tale. Like the story of my trip to San Antonio when I was so exhausted, I encouraged a woman trying to catch the elevator I was on, to “hurry, get on.” Me being the helpful person that I am, motioned for her to get on while pushing the “door open” button, you know, to buy her some time. Only to figure out when the door slammed in her face, that I was instead pushing “door close.” Yep, I did that. I felt especially bad because she was looking for her room. Even worse there were witnesses to me “helping” the poor woman. Luckily they’re my friends and they only teased me for the rest of the night.
My trip to visit USAA’s Mother Ship in TX.

9. Friendships

Speaking of friendships, I would say 2017 was a great year for new business relationships + friendships. In all of my travels and online business, I’ve been blessed to meet some fantastic people and build some fun friendships. Because of this, I’m working on a few exciting projects for 2018 and for that, I am thankful.

10. Family

If I’m talking thankfulness than my family is at the top of the list because without their support, I would not have been able to accomplish all that I did in 2017. They have supported me through all my ideas, travel, deadlines, work, and just general craziness. I’d like to say 2018 won’t be as crazy, but I can’t make any promise.

I sincerely hope that 2018 brings wonderful things for you and your family and that you keeping pushing to take your financial life to the place you want it to be.

Now that you know my Look Back 2017, it’s your turn. Tell me one or two things you’re proud to have accomplished in 2017. Put it in the comments below because I want to know. With that said, it’s time to jump into 2018 feet first and with a big splash! Heads ups 2018, I plan to bring my “A” game! Watch your six.