My Secrets For Living a Dream Life With The Best Life Insurance

in Reviews & Random by Lacey Langford, AFC®

Heads up! FTC Disclosure: This right here is USAA sponsored post. Even though it’s sponsored, this post’s all me. It’s my thoughts, stories, and opinions on life insurance. Reaching financial success is like building a house. It takes time and planning. It is not like Jack and the Bean Stalk. You don’t plant a seed and wake up in the morning to find your whole life is in full bloom (but that would be awesome). No, you build it step by step, day by day. But you have to protect your life and all you have built along the way. And that folks is where life insurance comes in. I practice what I preach about personal finance. My husband and I have worked very hard to build the “financial house” we live in today. There’s been a lot of discussion and planning. There have been many, many sacrifices. Some mistakes and challenges. Some dreams come true. And maybe a couple of fights along the way. But we have not reached all of our financial and family goals just yet. So we know there will be more hard work ahead of us. The key to all of that is  “we” and “us” are working towards our financial goals. To reach the financial goals we set, it’s going to require both of us. Now, I’ve already shared, I had a close call that made us evaluate our own mortality once our kids came into the picture. We know the reality of life. It’s not fun to say but it’s true, each day could be our last. When something happens to one of us, it would throw a wrench in our plans if we did not have life insurance. But instead, we’re able to work on our financial goals with the help of the life best life insurance. Here are my secrets to living a dream life with the best life insurance.


It’s freeing to know that my family will be taken care of in the event of my death. That my husband and children will stay on track to reach our financial goals even after I’m gone. It’s piece of mind. It doesn’t make me reckless. I mean it doesn’t make me want to drink a bunch of tequila and scale a mountain. But life insurance does take a lot of worry out of life so I can focus on what’s important. And what I enjoy.

It’s In The Budget

All of our life insurance policies are in our budget. We have our payment set up through USAA’s Pay Bills and we are used to living without that money. Having our payment on automatic is our “insurance policy” that our life insurance gets paid on time.

We Reevaluate Our Insurance Policies

Yep, yep. Our USAA policies are not something we have and forget about. We reevaluate our financial and life situation every year to make sure we don’t need more coverage. When our income has increased or we had another child, we have taken out additional life insurance policies to make sure our family is best covered.

Face Fears Head On

Getting life insurance is something that puts life in perspective. It can be hard to consider your own mortality. I think it’s absolutely natural to have some fears about that. But that doesn’t mean it is something you can just avoid. Facing our fears and looking at our lives with and without life insurance helped us make important decisions to protect our financial future. That’s how we use life insurance for our dream life but it may be different for you. You may not be married but instead, have children or family that are depending on you financially. Life insurance is going to be a personal decision based on your current situation and your goals. I know talking about life insurance can be a real drag. But here’s a way to make the life insurance discussion a little more exciting! With USAA’s Live Your Dream Sweepstakes! One lucky winner receives $50,000 to help you “live your dream” just by getting a life insurance quote. I bet $50k can help kick-start your dream life, right? You could pay off debt, take a dream vacay, build a house, invest or attend the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting. Ok, maybe that last one is just on my bucket list. But you get what I’m saying. That kind of money would change your life. I’m not so secretly hoping one of my readers wins this money. If you do, please email me with the good news, [email protected]!! It will be total bragging rights if one of my readers wins. But I’m not competitive or anything. The details about how to enter would probably be helpful, right. Here’s how you get in the running for the money. First, go here. Then there are three ways to enter:
  1. Phone it in
  2. Online
  3. Mail it in
There’s only one entry per person. So you may want to recruit your spouse to enter too. Get your entry in soon, the sweepstake ends November 20, 2018. Just in time for some Christmas money! But if you win, don’t forget to plan and budget for your new cash! The financial coach in me, made me say that last part. Ok, best of luck!